Aniceto’s Art Portfolio

El Titerito :

Paper, Old book, Magazine pictures, Water color paint, Glue, and Scissors were used for this collage.
This collage depicts a song that i like. The car windows are supposed to make a city skyline, and the watch means wealth. It also supposed to be a picture in an "Iphone 4s" which is a lyric from the song.

La oja (The Leaf) :

black paper, paint brush, Pencil, paint (blue, black, red,+yellow,=orange)
Orange and blue are complimentary colors that make each other stand out. Blue is my favorite color so i paint the surrounding of the leaf "blue".

La Zebra (The zebra):

Pencil,white paper,sharpie(thick point, thin point)

i traced the pencil drawing with the sharpie(thick), the started to hatch in the dark stripes(spots) of the drawing with the sharpie(thin). Never got to finish it.

El ojo (The eye) :

I learned how to mix colors (red,blue,yellow, whit and black) to make human skin colors. I learned how to enlarge an image to a big art piece. I struggled with making the brown to a lighter brown but was still able to do it and had fun doing so. This original painting was made by Rene Magritte also, called "The Fake Mirror". I think that Rene was trying to show that when you look in a mirror you need to see yourself but in the painting you see a sky.